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LGBTQ Healthcare and Addressing Disparities

We are excited to release our first webinar of 2019, LGBTQ Healthcare and Addressing Disparities, presented by Alyssa Vest Hart, DO. Originally presented Saturday, December 1, 2018 as part of the IOMS 2018 Winter Scientific Seminar, this session was part of the track on “Social Determinants of Health”. In this webinar, Dr. Hart discusses the importance of providing inclusive and high quality care to the LGBTQ population as they continue to face discrimination and lack of access to healthcare. She will also address different sexual orientations, their demographics, and the challenges they face in health disparities and conditions. In addition, the webinar will cover questions physicians may ask and the routine screening that can be done to determine the behaviors and risk of the patients. Download the 1-page flyer.


Physician Burnout and Resilience

We are excited to announce the release of another IOMS-sponsored webinar, Physician Burnout & Resilience presented by Chaya J. Prasad, MD, MBA. Dr. Prasad is board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. Physician Burnout is a national crisis. In this webinar, learners will explore this crisis and the efforts being made to address it. Participants will hear about current data on burnout, depression and suicide rates in the medical field. Participants will also learn about what national organizations are recommending and will also understand about personal goals for all physicians. Download the 1-page flyer.


Updates on HIV

Dr. Mia Taormina will review some of the history of HIV from the 1980s until the present. Also, she will discuss the diagnosis and standard work-up for new HIV+ patients, including the presentation of acute retroviral syndrome and some opportunistic infections, review pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis strategies, and provide future directions in HIV care. Download the 1-page flyer.


Is there a doctor on board?
5 tips to provide care at 30,000 feet

Beth Longenecker, DO, shares how she used her emergency medicine skills to help ill passengers on flights and what YOU need to know should a medical emergency occur on your next flight. Read on . . .

By VICKI MARTINKA PETERSEN, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016